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    IT Support


    How Managed IT can support your logistics and supply chain.

    The entire transportation industry is constantly evolving. Societal changes, environmental concerns and economic pressures are driving innovations for every type of carrier. Outdated vehicles and equipment, new government compliance standards and increasing consumer demands are also driving change and innovation.

    Those insurers that have more advanced IT and online capabilities will gain market share. IT infrastructure performance will also enhance the ability of insurance companies to do more cross-selling and lower processing costs.

    Managed IT for Transportation and Logistics

    We have many transportation industry clients and can assist you in designing, supporting and managing your management information systems while at the same time lowering your overall IT costs.

    IT Consulting

    Every transportation company has different IT goals, needs, and legacy infrastructure. We’ll work with you to assess your current systems and suggest options to improve performance, resolve issues, and provide new opportunities.

    Remote Infrastructure

    With your company’s assets and staff all over the state, nation, or globe, you need IT infrastructure that can be accessed and troubleshot anywhere. Get remote hosting and cloud services you can securely access from anywhere.

    24×7 Helpdesk Support

    Get assistance at any time with our US-based helpdesk. Triton Technologies’ technical support solutions, you’ll have access to professional help anytime you need it to answer questions and deal with IT issues.

    Motor Carriers, Trucking: Motor Carrier Management Information Systems

    The focus on Information Technology has never been greater in the Transportation industry. Recent rules from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, part of the U.S. 

    Department of Transportation, have significantly lowered driver productivity by reducing the number of hour’s commercial motor vehicles can be on the road by creating a new work week hourly cap of 70 hours.

    This reduction in road hours for motor freight carriers has resulted in declines in productivity, reported by leading carriers ranging from 2% to as much as 7%. A weak economy coupled with this reduction in productivity is placing significant pressure on small and medium-sized motor carriers.

    Fuel prices, economic conditions and productivity concerns make it essential for motor carriers to manage every aspect of their business using sophisticated motor carrier management information systems (MCMIS). These MCMIS systems manage vehicle history, load tracking, GPS data, driver records, mobile device connectivity and much more.

    However, these sophisticated systems only work when you have a stable, reliable and responsive IT infrastructure.

    Managed service providers, like Triton Technologies, can provide complete IT infrastructure outsourcing services typically saving motor carriers 8% – 29% of their IT costs annually. 

    Airline Carriers

    In the airline industry customer service is king and information technology plays a huge role in communicating with customers before and after a flight, and now even during a flight. There are discussions around RFID tagging of baggage and cargo.


    Database management is a key component of an airline IT infrastructure managing flights, security, schedules, online payment technology, frequent flier reward programs, equipment maintenance and even spare parts. The airline industry has a clear understanding of the important information technology plays in daily business operations.


    The Airline IT Trends Survey for 2013, shows airline IT budgets are expected to grow at a majority of airlines as the airline industry continues to rely on information technology applications and is moving quickly to adopt even more types of digital technologies. Triton Technologies serves many airline industry clients and can show you how to improve your IT infrastructure while still reducing overall IT costs by adopting an outsourcing strategy.

    Railroad Industry

    Information technology is as much a part of today’s railroad industry as railroad tracks. In discussing IT’s role in the railroad industry, Jo-Ann Olsovsky, Vice President of Technology Services and CIO for BNSF Railway Company stated, “It’s all about driving efficiency in the business and leveraging technology to do that.”


    Triton Technologies managed services provides added value to its Railway clients. As a managed service provider for over 20 years, we understand the difference in technology that works versus new unproven technologies. In providing IT solutions to the railroad industry, we have lowered data storage costs and provided remote monitoring and management services nationwide.

    As these demands for change continue, there is one constant, and that is the need for technological improvement. Transportation companies that incorporate new technologies to meet these demands for change and seek better ways to view and manage their businesses will build competitive advantages.

    Triton Technologies

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