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Security Awareness Training

Welcome to Triton Technologies' Security Awareness Training (SAT)!
Your frontline defense against cyber threats.

A man in a suit is pointing at a screen displaying security awareness during a Managed Security Awareness Training session.


of businesses admit that employees are their biggest weakness in IT security


of successful cyber attacks are the result of a phishing scam


of malware attacks use social engineering techniques to exploit users

Why Security Awareness Training?

Increasing Cyber Threat Landscape

Every year, millions fall victim to phishing attacks, malware, ransomware, and other sophisticated cyber threats. The most effective defense? An educated user base.

Regulatory Compliance

With industries becoming more regulated, proving your workforce is knowledgeable about cyber threats can aid in meeting these regulatory requirements.

Protect Your Assets

Your company's data is invaluable. With SAT, you fortify the human element of your cybersecurity.

Simplify policy management

Eliminate the ineffective and headache-prone nature of traditional policy management by centralizing, simplifying and measuring your policy process.

Features of Triton Technologies SAT

Tailored Content

From interactive modules, videos, quizzes to simulated attacks, our content is designed to engage and educate users at all tech-savviness levels.

Real-time Feedback

Receive immediate feedback on training progress and areas of vulnerability, ensuring you always know where your organization stands.

Simulated Attacks

We safely simulate real-world attacks to test your team's defense capabilities, helping them learn in real-time.

Continuous Learning

Cyber threats evolve; so does our training. With monthly updates, your team will always be in the know about the latest threats.

Ready to Fortify Your First Line of Defense?

Speak to one of our security awareness experts today and discover how Triton Technologies can empower your organization against cyber threats.