Network Security: First, Middle and Last

We had the fun privilege this week of doing a security check for a restaurant.

We have agreements with banks, credit card processors and more to analyze a network for security issues or make changes to a client’s network because of a new point of sale system to be installed or modifications to existing ones.

The Restaurant’s Network

It was a simple restaurant, 5 workstations, a router and on-screen credit card swiping.

The meeting was to discuss security, and how to implement it in a manner that doesn’t impact the business. I arrived early with the credit processor and sat down.

Gaining Entry to the Network

Within a minute I had on a Samsung Tablet, logged into his wireless, logged into his router, cataloged his entire network, logged into the music system and started playing “The Pinacolada Song” through the overhead speakers.

With the next two minutes, I logged into the into the point of sale computer, copied the outstanding credit card batches report, locked all the workstations, and had the HP printer print out the lyrics to “I’m a little teapot.”

By the time the manager sat down, the network was in our total control with the ambiance now the melodic sounds of Rupert Holmes which were heard throughout the restaurant.

Complete Takeover: Under 5 Minutes

Total time, 4 minutes. Complete network take over without any advanced tools.

As I explained this in front of his credit processor, I could see the blood leave the face of the manager. And to show I truly did have control, I changed the music to “The girl from Ipanema.”

You could hear their collective jaws drop as they hit the table.

What You Need for Network Security

Over the next hour, we talked about securing the network using Sophos Firewalls, Ubiquiti Wireless Access, and a Cisco switch to VLAN everything together. Proposal accepted in FULL.  

Security is no joke, and it should be the first thing you consider when designing a network. It’s not a burden when it protects what you have, your clients data and can keep your business working especially when the banks can giveth and taketh away your credit card processing ability. Contact us today if you’re interested in knowing how secure your business network is.

Why a Managed IT Provider?

Why should a business chose a managed IT provider over a traditional break-fix?

Simple: Money

With a managed IT provider you get more than a body that fixes stuff when things break: they make sure they don’t break. As anyone who’s owned a car, you perform maintenance, change the oil, rotate the tires and more because it costs more when the vehicle completely falls apart, so you do preventative maintenance. As with cars, so with computers. You defrag, install updates, install patches, clean out the temp files, and more to keep your computer running in top shape.

“But I can do those things myself?” Not really. At Triton Technologies, we not only do those, but more. From constant monitoring, constantly watching and taking minor corrective action we can avert a major disaster down the line. Small changes far in advance can keep your system from even remotely encountering a problem which can cost you thousands.

Saving Money: How?

Triton Technologies does fixed pricing, how many users you have, times the cost per user, and that’s your price. Everything from onsite, remote, software, antivirus and more are included, all of it. If you were to hire a person you would have to pay their salary, plus 30%+ average in benefits and payroll taxes and you haven’t even got them into the network yet. You then have to purchase antivirus, backup, monitoring and more. You literally spend almost twice their salary to get even started.

With Managed IT you get all those services bundled together saving your organization thousands a month, with a team of people always on call, never going on vacation and simplifying your IT needs.

Each organization is unique, but the IT demands are the same. They want easy, cost effective stable networks and that is what Managed IT can deliver.