IT Cloud Infrastructure: Why We Love Amazon

Why Triton Technologies really loves Amazon.

In the IT cloud sphere, there are multiple competitors. You have Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, Virtual, and many other standalone providers. We have used multiple ones and are currently working with multiple iterations of most of those companies.

Nothing is Wrong with Microsoft or Google, But…

Microsoft, Google and more are fine companies within their respective niche. They make wonderful products, help businesses grow and when used properly are absolutely fantastic. Microsoft and Google have made significant gains in the cloud sphere and cloud-based technology platform. They are easy to set up an account, start a virtual PC, and begin accessing that PC from anywhere in the world. And that is where the problem begins.

Amazon Is First for Good Reasons

Amazon was the 1st to come to the field with their AWS services almost a decade ago. Just like Microsoft and Google now they allowed new accounts to be created without restriction and allowed anybody with a credit card to set up any services they want. Sounds good for growth, but it is not good for IT infrastructure and long-term prospects.

Training and Certification Means Better Infrastructure

In 2016, Amazon started requiring that all partners be trained and certified in order to sell their product. We asked why. Came to find out there was a 90% infrastructure failure rate for people who think that it just click and go. Now if you ever used a cloud-based platform at the user level, it is click and go. In order to be that simple, the backend has to be complex. And that is where the failures came. Unrestricted, unreserved, open access to your most private intellectual property allowed hackers to access your infrastructure. So in order to combat that, Amazon required certification for their infrastructure. Since that time, the pendulum has swung the other way. Infrastructure implementation failure rates have plummeted to single digits. Infrastructures are now more secure than ever and resilient as never before.

Technical and Customer Support: Microsoft Versus Amazon

The other big thing that we have chosen Amazon over all other competitors is their support.

Microsoft Support

Our 1st taste with Microsoft Azure was in November 2014, Thanksgiving Eve. A client had called up at 9 AM about their VPN down. After a couple of hours of struggling to get it up and operational, we placed a call into Microsoft at noon. We received a call back at 9 PM that day. Remember, was the day before a holiday. Come to find out Microsoft was having a significant issue but had failed to inform their users about it. It was only resolved four days later after Microsoft made an infrastructure correction and traffic was able to pass. The amount of time and effort that we placed into it was unacceptable.

Amazon Support

Months earlier, we started our partnership with Amazon. Truthfully, we didn’t need their support for nearly two years. So in the spirit of full disclosure, we didn’t have a direct correlation between Microsoft and Amazon for their support. In March 2016 we had a VPC security group communications issue that we had spent multiple hours working on. Knowing how we were treated with Microsoft, we were wary about talking to Amazon with similar results. We went online, filled out the support request page, hit submit, and before the page even refreshed our phone was ringing. It was an Amazon engineer.

We were absolutely floored, stunned, pick any other type of word you can think about for a complete disbelief on how fast their engineer was able to communicate to us. We weren’t just pleasantly surprised; we were in full on shock. That Amazon engineer was so good and was able to identify the problem within seconds that the whole call probably took 4 minutes. The issue that we thought we would suffer for weeks was resolved in minutes. Another call was placed for another issue for another client, same results, again, again, and again. We were instantly sold on Amazon. The support that they showed and have continued to show to their partners, is all we need to know about their infrastructure and how the company respects and concerns itself with their clients.

That is why a Triton technologies, we are a proud Amazon partner and will continue to be to the near infinite future. Want to learn more about the great services we provide from dozens of vendors, including hardware, software, and cloud-based services? Contact us today and learn why people love us like we love Amazon.

What’s Your Fancy? PC or Mac: Both Have IT Needs

One of the most controversial things that we’ve ever got from clients is: why don’t we just switch to a Mac and not have any problems?

Hate to break it to you, but as a managed IT provider with dozens of Mac-only clients, it doesn’t matter: everything has problems.

PC vs. Mac in the Workplace

From a PC World, they’ve been around for many decades with many different manufacturers, operating systems, simplicity, the ability for people to develop with minimal skill or desire for security. It also makes it very susceptible to hacking. Luckily in the last decade or so major providers for PC-based operating systems and hardware have taken it very seriously to secure their networks and products from hackers.

Now from the Apple ecosystem, it appears to be a very simple and very safe environment, but that is all about perception. What I advise people is to look at the latest rounds of patches and updates from Apple and you will find just as many if not more updates than any Windows or Linux-based system.

How Both System are the Same: Updates

Every day at Triton we have to service many Mac networks. Most of the problems just like with Windows systems are not about the actual operating system themselves, but a lot of third-party programs. Programs that run either cloud-based, locally, on a network server or even by remote. And all of these programs have to be maintained. Maintenance schedules for PCs and Macs are nearly identical, with either daily, weekly, or monthly updates that have to be applied.

How Unpatched Mac Can Be Just as Vulnerable

Macs, on the other hand, have a single operating system maintained by a single company over the last decade, it just makes management slightly easier. What I advise people is to keep on their updates either a PC or Mac and to make absolutely sure that they don’t let them lapse. Why? We have encountered multiple times people buying a Macintosh computer, and not doing a single thing with it. When the time comes for a product update then a major update to the operating system may need to be done. Now that sounds pretty simple and kinda desirable, but not really. The reason why we do updates is to make sure exploits don’t go out into the wild and start wreaking havoc with unpatched systems.

So from a Triton standpoint, our policy is this, use what you are most comfortable with. Are you most comfortable with a Windows PC? An Apple? Chrome Book? We advise you to choose what works best for you, and we will support. We are at a wonderful time in our technological evolution where a lot of the products cross work with each other all the time. So in closing go with what works. Then contact Triton Technologies.