Shared Hosting Dangers: Why It Needs to Go

Shared hosting needs to go.

What? Yes, we said it and we mean it. What is shared hosting to begin with?

Understanding Shared Hosting (And Its Drawbacks)

Shared hosting is a service in which on a single server usually at a hosting service that your company and many other companies share. So the resources, memory, CPU and more are literally shared at the hardware level from one company to potentially thousands of other companies. If you are trying to do something such as expand your website, a dedicated MySQL instance or more, the potential for other “tenants” taking your site down is absolutely huge.

What does this mean for the business owner? A LOT.

Shared Outages and Viruses

A down, unresponsive or slow to respond website can and will impact your business to be seen on the internet. From lack of traffic, reduction in potential clients and more, it can cripple a business especially if it is their primary means of getting new clients.

It’s worse than you think.

OK, you get the premium $5.99 shared hosting package, thinking you’ll save a bundle.

Well since you are sharing a server with potentially thousands, a single virus or WordPress infection on another client WILL impact you. It could compromise your server, compromise your database and make your site unrecoverable. This would be disastrous.

How Do You Fix This? Dedicated Hosting

We currently recommend a company called Liquid Web for dedicated web servers and hosting. Why? The plugins, systems monitoring and responsive servers are the best we have ever seen. Unparalleled service and response from their technical support staff is one to be envied by other providers.

It also gives you security where shared hosting cannot. When the server is yours, you can armor it up like none other. Port 80? No, excluded. SSH port with a single point of access? No problem. This is why we extremely recommend a dedicated server, it provides performance, security and customization like no shared package could ever do.

Learn more about our hosting management here, or contact us.

Website Defense: Is It That Important?

Why is your web site defense strategy important? It is what people see, it’s what your customers see and it shows what kind of company you are when it comes to security. If your website gets hacked, it shows to potential clients that you are not serious about your internet security and you are a potential risk.

Defense One: SSL Certificate

Business owners need to secure their website using a number of techniques. The first and foremost we extremely recommend is getting an SSL certificate. SSL certs are cheap, and the cheapest is $9.99 a year from and all the way up to $300 wild card from GoDaddy. These are imperative and the standard in which we recommend. Not only because it secures the site from unencrypted communication, but also it increases your search rankings when it comes to search engines.

Defense Two: Website Firewall

Second, we recommend Securi Firewall: it is a WordPress plugin that scans your files for infections, and secures your site from penetration and brute force attacks from login attempts.

Defense Three: Responsive Host

Third, we recommend an excellent responsive host. We have tried GoDaddy, Blue Host, Host Gator and more, but we have recommended and continue to use Liquid Web. Their tech support and 24 technical support is spot on. Coming from an IT company, I can assure you that their always ready group is excellent and the access to the root of your own hosting is spectacular when it comes to getting things done.

At the end of the day, your website is your public face and you need to protect it as well as your internal network. Get excellent hosting, watch, monitor and tweak it to keep it secure and always operational. And it doesn’t hurt to have proactive IT in your corner too.