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Infrastructure as a Service


Infrastructure is now no longer a major expense!

Is your office distributed over a large geographical area? Firewalls, VPNs, and connectivity a constant? With Triton technologies we are an AWS partner,
what does that mean? We can deliver data center reliability at a fraction of
the cost of an actual on-premise network.

With IaaS your network is based on the cloud, making it reliable, safe and maintained by thousands of dedicated individuals.

No Large Expenses, anymore!

Your network is the internet, making it safe, secure and redundant.An IaaS can support services through public and private clouds hosted virtually while benefiting from the physical security allowed for the servers hosted in the data center.

If it is time for your business to consider upgrading expensive hardware, servers and other equipment to run your office infrastructure, now might be a great time to consider upgrading to an IaaS.

Minimize Hardware Investment

Save time and money up front as well as later on in supporting aging systems.

Pay For What You Need

Immediate response to expanding capacity and no need to buy with growth in mind.


As you scale up, you pay for what you need.


With customizable features to ensure virtual data and physical server data is stored appropriately, you get the security your business requires.


With internet connection and security protocol established, your business is now globally accessible.


With precautions in place to handle failures at a server or network location, hardware resources, and redundancy configurations keep your operation running.


For more information about how our Infrastructure as a Service solution works, and to speak with one of our knowledgeable and respected technicians call us today at (866) 304-4300.

Let your business soar, contact us to get your rocket.