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Get the systems, installations, and procedures to be fully compliant in your industry with our IT compliance solutions.

Depending on your industry, meeting certain compliance laws may be mandatory, but there are always standards and certifications concerning IT, data privacy, and cybersecurity. Here at Triton, we’ll work with you to meet the compliance standards required and expected in your industry. Even if none are essential for your industry, they may be suggested: not only does it increase the chances you will close the deal, your environment will be more stable and secure because of it.


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Critical IT Compliance Standards & Certification

We specialize in HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) and PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance, both industry standards. Protecting your patients’ and customers’ critical data is key to functioning and avoiding fines and lawsuits. We can get your environment fully certified with systems, policies, and procedures.


State laws like Massachusetts 201.cmr.17 and Connecticut CTDPA are needed by businesses and helping to protect citizens personal information and we can get your business compliant.

HIPAA Compliance and Regulations

HIPAA Compliance Solutions

If your organization or business is involved in the healthcare industry, you’re already required to follow the HIPAA Security Rule. Make sure to meet compliance standards on patient data to avoid fines and cyber breaches. 

PCI Compliance and Testing

PCI-DSS Compliance

For many businesses, the majority of their customer pay with cards, not cash. Make sure to protect that data and avoid customer’s financials being stolen by meeting the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

MGL 201.cmr.17

201CMR 17 Compliance

Are you doing business with an entity that is based in Massachusetts? You need to comply with the law even if your primary location is outside of the commonwealth. You need to know what it takes to comply and how. 


CTDPA Compliance

Citizens of Connecticut now have data security and privacy protections. For businesses it is a new realm to comply and you need to know how to. This law helps keep CT citizens data safe and private.

Other IT Support Services We Offer

Gain secure access to critical information from any device, anywhere.
Managed performance and security on all of your IT systems.
IT infrastructure continuously measured against specified service and performance levels.
Get scalable and competitively priced hosted phone systems designed for your business.
From find your IT needs to IT projects, get consultations from our skilled technicians.
Learn more about our complete suite of managed IT services at flat-rate costs.

Compliance Management Solutions with Triton Technologies

If you’re exploring an industry or certification, it’s important to know the standards and needed compliance of all your IT systems. Triton Technologies can help.

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