Amazon AWS Saves the Day… AGAIN

Amazon saves the day again and again. We may sound like a broken record, but the solution is solid.

What are we talking about? Amazon Web services. Truthfully, if you’re in business, you need your head in the cloud now!

Client Story: Food Logistics Company

A quick example is this, we have a food logistics company that delivers their products throughout the Northeast United States. If you’re a small business of any type most likely you’re using them. What they do is they load up a truck of the most common products a corner store might need, a supermarket or even a sports venue. They do a tremendous amount of business, but they also see whether inefficiencies and losses are coming from.

Inventory Lag Time

They are currently running a very old edition of QuickBooks enterprise from 2009 and the system was showing its age. As more and more product was entered into the inventory system, It began to slow. So they contacted us to find a solution and to solve other issues as well.

One of the big ones that they were having an issue with was specialty products on demand. When the truck would show up to a store and you would request a certain product, it could be days before could get delivered. Those inefficiencies cause the loss to that store and alienation of the logistics company.

How do we instantly submit a PO for specialty products while the driver is in the store?

Easy, put it in the cloud.

Getting Their Inventory on the Cloud

We as an experiment got a trial license of QuickBooks enterprise 2017 and ramped up an instance on Amazon Web services. We copied their existing QuickBooks data file, converted it, and on the owner’s iPad, had him log into the enterprise system from remote and submit a PO. Utilizing a desktop at the office, he remote desktop into the same instance and saw the PO waiting for him.

“Implement it, now!” he said.

From a Week to a Day

Within 48 hours we purchased QuickBooks enterprise 2017 with a 15 user license, remote desktop licensing for server 2016, and quadrupled the memory allocation for that instance. We also purchased a dozen surface Pro 4 tablets from Microsoft and utilizing our managed cellular offerings, we were able to equip all of the trucks within one week. Creating a VPN link to their office we were able to bring the local printers online and he saw immediate results with truck drivers out in the field able to submit a PO for specialty products and instead of waiting a week for it to arrive. The warehouse was able to put it on the next day’s truck and deliver it directly to their client.

Getting on the Cloud Gets Results

The client was so impressed with the speed at which it could be done, the hardware he did not need to purchase, and the ease of use from a system he has already become accustomed to that he purchased many more products within a very short period of time of the completion of this initial solution.

Amazon not only saved the day with this client, it saved them money, time, effort, and especially, worry. It made them a lot of money with and near instant return on investment.

If your business is not in the cloud, grab a ladder and start reaching, or call us and we can help you reach the sky. Contact Triton Technologies today.