Trave Harmon

Childhood and Early Life

Trave Harmon has always been involved in technology. At five, getting his first Commodore VIC-20, then migrating to a Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga 500, 2000, and getting his first IBM Clone in 1988.

From MS-DOS 3.3, Windows 3.1, and more he began with BBSs (bulletin board systems), basic networking and more.

In high school, he took college classes at night becoming AutoCAD certified, business management trained through Woodstock Academy in Woodstock Connecticut along with network engineering classes and squeezing in every spare moment learning and taking as many classes that sleep would allow, many times coming home at 1 or 2 AM.

Trave and Triton Technologies

In 1996, one day after high school graduation, Trave started working for an ISP in Marlborough known as Quest Technologies of Massachusetts, leaving after it was acquired. He started working with his father until he turned over his business to Trave in 2001.

In May 2001, he created an LLC and started fresh with a new name, look, pricing and more. Triton Technologies was born.

Since that time, he has taken many endeavors from purchasing a home, getting married, charity, politics and having children.

Foster Parent and Advocate

Since he was a kid, and it affected him too, Trave has been an advocate for foster parents and adoption. With the birth of his second child, he and his wife have taken in over two dozen children who needed a temporary stable place to stay. With the final two placements, he and his wife began the process of foster to adopt.

It’s his belief that “With issues facing society today, we need to work together to help one another while individuals work through those personal issues.”

Working with DCF (Department of Children and Families), he now assists with fostering to adopt, bringing together new families who never thought it was possible. With his own family, his wife’s family, in-laws and growing up, fostering and adoption have always been a part of his life, and it continues to be a critical issue in his life.

He works with Connecticut Foster Adopt and DCF who are experiencing a shortage of foster homes for children and youth.

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