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Living Back

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Living Back? Don’t you mean “giving back?”

No! At Triton Technologies we do not just give monetary contributions to local social programs, we’re living it back. Many of our employees support local causes in activities throughout the year from Redcross International, Amnesty International and more donating time at a local shelter or to their charity of choice.

Trave Harmon, CEO of Triton Technologies and his wife Sherry are registered as Foster Parents in compliance with the state of Connecticut. From taking children with opioid addiction, alcohol abuse, physical abuse and more he accepts all children from a multitude of backgrounds. Each has a story to tell and we are here to listen.

Donating literally thousands of hours a year and fostering multiple dozens of children, it gives the children a stable home in which to provide them with a stable family atmosphere; stable environment and a safe place to be themselves. Hot food, structured home, drug-free, and a structured environment in which to thrive, he and his wife provide all they can.

Bunnies, Nutmeg Wildlife Rehab, ConnecticutIn combination with his wife who is a certified wildlife rehabber operating Nutmeg Acres Wildlife Rehab, east of the Connecticut River in Connecticut provides a stable home environment from human and animal.

Trave Harmon encourages these activities with his employees, and they, in turn, give back by doing the same, through fostering, big brother and big sister activities and or activity that each employee chooses.

Are we “giving back“? Theoretically yes, but we believe in more, more in helping people, animal, and the environment. Our passion for helping one another translates into helping out clients and we all win in the end.



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