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Read-Only Fridays: Avoiding Weekend Infrastructure Issues

As we go into the weekend, we would like to introduce you to something in the IT world known as Read-Only Fridays.

What are Read-Only Fridays?

Read-only Fridays is a term that the IT industry uses for no major changes to any infrastructure when approaching the weekend. The reason why a simple: support hours from the vast majority of manufacturers are usually Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM. But with all products and all services come bugs and issues. The worst time to encounter a bug or an issue is when you do not have support and/or cannot be fixed quickly.

Practicing Read-Only Fridays

So, we practice at Triton technologies known as read-only Fridays to help our clients go into the weekend, keep their infrastructure up operational, and provide them the level of support in which they need to keep their business running through the weekend.

With read-only Fridays, we handle small tickets, minor repairs, and so forth, but no major changes such as email hosting, firewalls, Wi-Fi installation, etc. It really improves the experience that our clients receive when it comes to their network and productivity, by holding back large projects until full support can be obtained, which keeps a lot of businesses up and running without worrying about mid-weekend issues.

You’d be surprised how effective read-only Fridays are when it comes to managing a network infrastructure.

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