Business VPNs and Why You Need One

Why do we recommend a VPN when you have nothing to hide?

With the end of net neutrality, ISPs and Internet providers have now free reign to do as they please with on how you receive your data. We’ve already seen it with our commercial clients on how to access their services.

A Matter of Priority

A prime example is prioritization of the Internet providers own resources. If your Internet provider provides telephone and television services, but you use a streaming service that doesn’t utilize their services, they can send your traffic through slower pipes.

So your telephone service that is hosted online (such as PBX or VoIP) can be artificially slow down causing all kinds of distortion and connectivity problems because you don’t utilize the IP’s own phone service. We’ve seen it happen with two clients at the end of December and we are currently working with them to find an alternate Internet provider does not traffic shape third-party services.

We work with many fine local telephone and PBX providers, and they are seeing similar issues as well.

A Matter of Privacy

Where does a VPN come in? The Virtual Private Network obscures the data it which flows over the VPN connection. So internet providers cannot traffic shape and give priority to their own services. Luckily, a vast majority of firewalls and VPN routers already provide this kind of connectivity, but it needs to be set up. Services like private internet access which we recommend can give business-class speed and obscure the type of data that you’re accessing.

A Matter of Speed

Another obvious example is speed tests. Since an Internet provider can find where you’re going to receive information, they can give priority giving the impression of a faster connection when it is not. Netflix, which is a very popular TV and movie streaming entertainment provider, has found that many ISPs either slow down their connection or will charge them for priority on their network.

Most people will go to speed and run a speed test, but we have found that the results are inaccurate in order to accommodate customer service. So in response, Netflix created their own service called We have started moving to that to accurately report on a person’s Internet speed. So far we have found multiple instances of carriers changing the Internet speed to placate the client. For us this is unethical. But since the removal of net neutrality, legal.

So if you wish to get the maximum speed for your business and not be observed by our ISP of what you’re doing, we extremely recommend that you purchase a VPN router and a VPN service to obfuscate your data. Contact Triton Technologies today if you want help setting up and managing a VPN service.

The Methodology Behind IT Policy and Procedure

A lot of businesses  good or bad  sometimes just shoot from the hip. They make up ideas, policies, and methodologies to suit the immediate need.

Sounds good in theory but has very bad scalability.

Why IT Policy and Procedure is So Important

A Triton technologies we have ex-military for the majority of our administrative staff. The reason why is that we have a process and procedure for every ticket, every project, and every type of situation with policies to handle future unexpected situations. The reason why is simple and best explained with a story.

Preserving Security and Privacy

We had a client fire an employee. It happens. We received a call from the client asking to get a copy of the client list because they were going on a vacation needed to do work from remote. We have a policy that when a client’s critical infrastructure needs to be accessed, we need to contact their supervisor and/or business owner to allow for approval.

We contacted the business owner, and within seconds we were informed that person was fired because they were feeding information to their competitor. The ex-employee literally lied to us and, because of our policies and procedures, the intellectual property of the business was preserved. Though sometimes the policies might conflict with the business and their goals, it helps protect everyone involved.

That is why at Triton Technologies we emphasize the methodology when it comes to policies and procedures when handling service tickets, projects, and more. The reason why? It just works. It’s the same reason that all of our IT staff undergo rigorous background checks. Also, make sure to check out our blog on acceptable use policies to understand the policies and procedures you need in place under Massachusetts law for client data.

Want to learn more? Contact us today.

Home Computers Versus Business Computers

From time to time, we get clients who wish to purchase their own hardware but have us implement the solution. Most of the time we have no issue with this, but when we encounter a computer that was specifically purchased to save money, knowing that it will alienate the client with their lack of performance, we must advise them that we will not work on it.

That being said, if you have an option to purchase business-grade hardware, I extremely recommend doing it.

Understanding Business-Grade Computers

Residential based hardware is based on quantity sales. If I can buy 1 million low-end chips and put them into a low-end chassis with a low-end warranty, I will make a greater profit because of the number of computers I just sold. That sounds great from a business perspective when you are selling computers, but as a person who is purchasing, you will encounter an issue that would not present itself if you had bought a commercial grade computer.

Costs: Time in Money

Business grade computers are designed for performance but obviously can cost 2 to 3 times more than his residential machine. Now if you’re going on a straight dollar value of the machine, it makes sense, but businesses have to look at the big picture, all costs. If you have to wait an extra 15 minutes a day to accomplish a task because the CPU on your computer is slow, try to imagine that cost over the period of the year. You most likely obliterated all savings.

Commercial Grade Warranties

The other issue that I tell people about all the time, and was just proven again. The warranties and hardware replacement (check out our blog, Computer Warranties: Know What They Cover Before You Claim) from a residential versus a commercial computer are vastly different.

A prime example is that we had a client by 60 Lenovo residential based computers because they physically looked great. And they did. But two of them had a motherboard failure. As per the required warranty from Lenovo, it had to be shipped to them, diagnosed and it would be shipped back. We shipped out the clients computer on November 15, 2017, and we received it back on January 2, 2018. Easily 45 days + for warranty repair. For a business that would be devastating. Luckily for them, they are a managed client, and we had backup hardware that would do the same thing. If they didn’t have us, as a small business, it would’ve taken them out of business.

At the same time, we had a client had a hard drive failure from a Dell laptop. It was only six months old, but hardware failures do occur. We contacted Dell before noon on a Tuesday and by Wednesday afternoon the next day, we had the replacement drive. The support that we received from Dell was second to none.

That is a lesson that I tried to inform people, look at all of the costs including what it would take to replace, upgrade, and repair. Want to learn more about getting your business’s hardware and IT managed? Contact Triton Technologies today.

The Importance of Reading IT Terms and Conditions

Why terms and conditions matter.

It has been proven time and time again that people and companies do not read the terms and conditions when accepting the installation or the acceptance of services from vendors. There are many notable cases including some software companies and vetting the fact that they now own your children just as a joke. But in the IT industry, the terms and conditions are terribly important when it comes to your software and services.

The Importance of Notifying Your IT Provider

Sometimes clients do not inform us about a change in their business and in their model. And that’s okay. But we need to be notified when something majorly impacts their business or their billing profile. Every SaaS-based service that we utilize such as hosted PBX, antivirus, exchange, monitoring and more is a very strict term and conditions when it comes to their software. Case in point is that if you have an employee leave your company and do not inform us, you will be billed as required by the manufacturer at full price. Sometimes clients will find out later and request a refund, but the problem has been set, meaning the company will refuse all refunds regardless of concern. This puts the client and us in a situation which is not enjoyable.

Read. Your. Terms. And. Conditions.

That is why at Triton Technologies, we insist that people read the terms and conditions for our vendors and us, because your rights and your ability to seek redress may be compromised. From Microsoft, Amazon and every manufacturer out there, they have terms and conditions. Sometimes they are short and sweet and to the point, and others are full of legalese and cannot be interpreted even by lawyers. While we’re on reading documents from your vendors, make sure to check out our blog on computer warranties: they are not the all-magical “just claim it under warranty” buttons people seem to think they are.

At is why we request it if you have any issues, please make it known before accepting an agreement. Contact us today to learn more about our best practices for software and services.

Bomb Cyclone 2018: Cloud Services and Mother Nature

I am literally writing this blog on January 4, 2018, during what is known as the bomb cyclone. My offices have no power, no Internet; backup batteries have been expended; cellular towers are down.

So why am I talking about this on a business blog?

Keeping Your Servers Up When the Power and Internet is Down

Quite simply is a lesson in environmental concerns when it comes to your network. The reason why is simple. At Triton Technologies, for most of our clients, we have implemented cloud-based servers and networks. The majority of our corporate servers are cloud-based, residing on multiple Amazon servers throughout the United States, providing us with regional stability when it comes to our networks.

That basically means all of our antivirus, monitoring servers, backup servers, and more are actually still operational even though our endpoints are not. That means that our clients based in the European Union, Australia, California, and Canada can still access their corporate resources without worry when it comes to productivity.

Connectivity Outside the Storm

Now my house and most of our technicians have lost intranet and power, but our clients wherever they have power and Internet are operational. This is great as a live fire proof of concept. The only received couple reports of VPN connectivity for those clients that are looking to connect locally but all Amazon servers and services are fully operational.

That is why we recommend, when budget and IT infrastructure to the Internet allows, every business having a cloud-based server. The uptime, cost, and benefit are all there.

If you’d like to learn more how it can benefit your company when an incident occurs, don’t hesitate to contact Triton Technologies today.