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    Making Connections: Long Range Wireless Access for Multiple Buildings

    This week we had the extreme pleasure of helping a business connect up multiple buildings to a central office with very little cost.

    A couple weeks ago we were asked by a local logistics company to price out multiple Internet connections, firewalls, routers and so forth for 4 buildings that they purchased directly around their central office. The purpose of these new acquisitions was to divide up divisions from an already overcrowded central office.

    We had a meeting, discussed what they were looking to do and scrapped the entire thing.

    Point-to-Point Long Range Wireless Access Points

    Basically, we utilized Ubiquiti NanoBeam point-to-point long-range wireless access points. I can only tell you this: they are fantastic! For only a couple hundred dollars for 2 buildings, we were able to get them a gigabit network speed on the exact same subnet as their central office. Their central office already had Charter Communications, and we had upgraded them to the 300 x 7 Internet speed. It would be a waste of Internet and cost if we installed a firewall and charter at each of the buildings. One of the things they do not tell you about in VPN communications is, your fastest VPN speed is the slowest common denominator. So let’s go back to that charter connection shall we, the 300 x 7, would only be able to give you 7 MB speed between the central office and branch offices, which were buildings right next to each other.

    That is 1995 speed. Unacceptable.

    Quick Install, Huge Savings

    So installing multiple metal beams at the central building, on each building that they just acquired, and putting in high speed Cisco switches that they are currently utilizing in the central office, they were able to get the speed they need, the reliability that they wanted, and at 1000th the price if we had gone with multiple Internet connections and firewalls.

    With Ubiquiti hardware, our clients do not need to pay for a yearly licensing fee. Basically, by set it and forget it.

    If you have a building that you’re trying to connect to even many miles away, we have a solution for you. Contact us at Triton Technologies to learn more.