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    IT Hardware: Why Name Brands Make a Difference

    Or “Why We Don’t Build Our Own IT Hardware”.

    I know I am treading in dangerous waters here when I say that we don’t support self-built machines.

    What does that mean? At Triton Technologies we prefer and only sell major name brands: Dell, Lenovo, HP, Apple etc. Why? Compatibility and ease of serviceability.

    A Little History of Triton and Self-Built Machines

    Years ago from 2001 to 2004 we built our own machines and sold them. The warranties, the hardware failures and the ability to maintain them have been a major undertaking. Absolutely huge. The hard drive would have one warranty, the memory another, CPU, motherboard, etc. It was a journey just to keep it all in line.

    That’s when Dell approached us through one of our major suppliers. They had a reseller/VAR plan that we could then order immediately a machine, and have it delivered in record time. So we ordered, and ordered and ordered.  They were well-built machines and lasted significantly longer. Accessories, software and upgrades were easy to acquire and install.

    Triton Today and Our Hardware

    So within a half year, we stopped all production on self-built machines. We signed up for other vendor VAR programs and we concentrated on the best of the breed. It is working well.

    Why are we telling you about this? In our office, when a technician comes on board, they have an option of one of our workstations through Dell, Lenovo or HP or they can build their own.

    Two of our technicians decided to build their own. Years later I can tell you with certainty that they have been the most problematic machines in our office, which are slated to be removed by the end of this month. The Lenovos, Dells and HPs are just humming along without any major issues.

    Name Brand vs. Self-Built

    We have had customers ask us to service their workstations that they built and after spending thousands of dollars more than what the machines are worth, they eventually replaced them with name brand machines. Their servicing plummeted to nothing. We thought we actually lost a client, but they were ecstatic that the computer presented no problems at all and actually ordered more a few months later.

    That is why we only recommend name brand leaders and their equipment, it just solves so many problems. Want to know what we’d recommend for your business? Contact us.