Wireless Networks


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Few technologies are as widespread as wireless networking (WiFi), and current trends are leading away from the traditional desktop
and towards laptops, tablets and phones which depend entirely
on wireless access.

With it, though, come challenges and risks in security, stability
and performance. We can mitigate these issues and get the
best performance out of your wireless networks.


The Challenge of Wireless Networks


Did you know…

  • Wireless networks are prone to interference from anything from cordless phones, microwaves, cell phones and cordless phones to walls, furniture, windows, mirrors and pipes.
  • To get the most out of your wireless networks, they need optimal placement with minimal interference and a specific configuration to suit the environment.
  • Wireless-N (802.11N) gets the best range and speed when using AES encryption?
  • Popular “Easy-Setup” wireless routers can be breached in mere seconds?

The Solution

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Triton Technologies will help deploy new wireless network systems, or to identify and eliminate issues with existing implementations. Don’t know the difference between 802.11G and 802.11AC? Need a secure public wireless network solution for a hotel or common area? We’d be happy to help. Need to know the optimal placement for an access point? We can help with that, too.

Don’t settle for off-the shelf consumer-grade network equipment that you’ll need to reboot every month. Invest in comparatively-priced enterprise-class equipment and experience the difference.


  • Wireless infrastructure planning, design, deployment
  • Hardware purchasing & configuration
  • Security configuration audit
  • Wireless site survey
  • Interference testing & mitigation
  • Signal Coverage / heat maps (For design or verification)


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