Taming The VoIP Beast

Or “VoIP Issues and How to Solve Them by Calling Us”.

Triton Technologies years ago was created to help the business user and the business owner: over the years we have acquired products, companies and so forth in order to grow. One of them is the skill and ability for dealing with VoIP issues.

Years ago, we acquired a failing telephone provider out of New York state and transferred all the licensing to ourselves. It took about a year to clean up the issues, but we did it and the clients we happy as punch.

Troubleshooting VOIP Issues

We’re known in the Northeast of the United States for solving VoIP issues. They aren’t that hard if you know what you are looking for, but sometimes they can be the most obvious.

VoIP is a different beast than most systems. It requires precision, accuracy, scheduling and configurations through specialized equipment such as a layer 2 or layer 3 switch, firewalls, ISPs configurations and so forth. We’ve been doing it for so long we have it down to a science.

The Woes of Self-Installation

A month ago a new client called us up and explained they were having a VoIP call quality issue, which was evident through the conversation we were having. We setup a time, came down and within minutes realized their mistake.

They had set it up themselves. That’s not the main problem, but part of the problem. VoIP needs settings, all sorts of settings to make it perfect. They had no firewall, the switch was not engaged for QoS and the modem was in a NAT mode which the ISP did not support tagged packet passthrough. For a better diagram, no better than a network printer.

So after consulting with their corporate overlords, they disbelieved what we told them and we went on our way.

Weeks Later: The Crisis and Solution

2 weeks later, the manager of the location called us back. They agreed to order everything and install it as soon as possible. Why? They lost an order which would have equaled the cost of the equipment a 1000 times over. “Replace it, replace it now, just fix it!”, he said.

The equipment was ordered overnight and installed in the afternoon. Within minutes it made a significant difference. They could instantly tell and feel the call quality difference and we put it through its paces. I asked EVERYONE to call someone, ANYONE: call a vendor, a client, your spouse, your mom, ANYONE. 24 users called at once and NOT A SINGLE warble, jitter, or call drop was heard. The system previously could only take 2 calls before it started dropping.

It’s been a solid week and we followed up with them yesterday, NOT A SINGLE issue.

The manager was pleased and advised their corporate managers for us to recommend for further dealing with VoIP issues in other locations.

The VoIP beast can be tamed, you just need to know how to train it to jump through hoops. Learn more about VoIP here and contact us.

The Advantages of Working With a VoIP Provider

When an emergency happens, it’s great to have an MSP (Managed Service Provider) with a VoIP Service.

Story Time: 2016 Texas Floods

About two months ago, we have a client out of Texas who does financial services for the local populous. Retirement packages, stock trades, trusts for entities etc, etc.

Well, if you have been paying attention to the weather down south, there are certain parts in drought and certain parts in flooding, unluckily for our client they were in a flood. The rain came, and came and came…

Office Flooded, But Everything On The Cloud But…

Their offices, which is a single story building, were flooded. Computers, networks, phones and copiers were all lost. Nothing that couldn’t be replaced, but their business still had to operate. Clients still had to make trades, still had to invest, and they still had to communicate. Luckily, years ago, we installed Office 365, Hosted Exchange and a virtual server on an Amazon S3 Instance, making their data safe….

…. but not their phone system.

Dead Phone Lines: VOIP to the Rescue

Calls were still coming in but it had nothing to go to, and AT&T couldn’t fix the infrastructure for months. The local coax provider was also out and the only thing functioning was cellular.

That’s where we came in.

Rapid VoIP Deployment

We overnighted a hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system utilizing Polycom VVX500 handsets, Cisco 24 port POE switch, Sophos 105W (might remember that name from our Firewall blog) with Amazon VPC (which attaches directly to Amazon for their hosted server), and installed a Microtech eCell cellular adapter to give their network access without a traditional provider.

Within 24 hours, we forwarded the phones to the new system, stepped them through getting setup by remote and by the end of the day phones were ringing, email being sent and their business in full operation.

At Triton Technologies we go out of our way to get our clients up and running and since we could provision and deploy a PBX system near instantly, it saved our client from going out of business. Being able to bring the right technologies together from multiple to meet client needs, and being able to do it quickly, is the hallmark of a great MSP. Let us be yours.