The Methodology Behind IT Policy and Procedure

A lot of businesses  good or bad  sometimes just shoot from the hip. They make up ideas, policies, and methodologies to suit the immediate need.

Sounds good in theory but has very bad scalability.

Why IT Policy and Procedure is So Important

A Triton technologies we have ex-military for the majority of our administrative staff. The reason why is that we have a process and procedure for every ticket, every project, and every type of situation with policies to handle future unexpected situations. The reason why is simple and best explained with a story.

Preserving Security and Privacy

We had a client fire an employee. It happens. We received a call from the client asking to get a copy of the client list because they were going on a vacation needed to do work from remote. We have a policy that when a client’s critical infrastructure needs to be accessed, we need to contact their supervisor and/or business owner to allow for approval.

We contacted the business owner, and within seconds we were informed that person was fired because they were feeding information to their competitor. The ex-employee literally lied to us and, because of our policies and procedures, the intellectual property of the business was preserved. Though sometimes the policies might conflict with the business and their goals, it helps protect everyone involved.

That is why at Triton Technologies we emphasize the methodology when it comes to policies and procedures when handling service tickets, projects, and more. The reason why? It just works. It’s the same reason that all of our IT staff undergo rigorous background checks. Also, make sure to check out our blog on acceptable use policies to understand the policies and procedures you need in place under Massachusetts law for client data.

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Corporate Privacy In Today’s Environment

We have received a lot of requests for this and it’s a scorcher.

“How do I protect my corporate privacy this day in age?”

Let’s Get Right to the Answer: You Can’t

At least not easily.

What do we mean? Quite simply this, every company in every country cooperates with the government of that country. From China, to France, UK, Russia and even the United States all get a vast majority of cooperation of those companies. Apple, Google, Microsoft and hundreds more provide all the information the government requests.

If You Really Need to Protect Your Corporate Privacy…


Easily, FIRST THING, get a GREAT firewall, not some cheap firewall or an open source one. Why? It has been proven in the past that governmental agencies penetrated many open source projects and implemented changes which benefited them at penetrated the product. Such examples are TrueCrypt project and Lavabit. We recommend Sophos Firewalls.


Investing in a fantastic SSL certificate for security. For their VPN security, monitoring and deployment it is a no brainer for businesses.

Antivirus & Cloud Management

Antivirus, Trend Micro Worry Free Business which allows for cloud controlled management, and easy to deploy endpoints.

Desktop Encryption

As for desktop protect physically, we recommend Trend Micro Desktop Encryption.

These are just some of the cyber security suite we can install and maintain for you. If your interested in more ways managed IT can support your business and its corporate privacy, contact Triton Technologies today.