What’s Your Fancy? PC or Mac: Both Have IT Needs

One of the most controversial things that we’ve ever got from clients is: why don’t we just switch to a Mac and not have any problems?

Hate to break it to you, but as a managed IT provider with dozens of Mac-only clients, it doesn’t matter: everything has problems.

PC vs. Mac in the Workplace

From a PC World, they’ve been around for many decades with many different manufacturers, operating systems, simplicity, the ability for people to develop with minimal skill or desire for security. It also makes it very susceptible to hacking. Luckily in the last decade or so major providers for PC-based operating systems and hardware have taken it very seriously to secure their networks and products from hackers.

Now from the Apple ecosystem, it appears to be a very simple and very safe environment, but that is all about perception. What I advise people is to look at the latest rounds of patches and updates from Apple and you will find just as many if not more updates than any Windows or Linux-based system.

How Both System are the Same: Updates

Every day at Triton we have to service many Mac networks. Most of the problems just like with Windows systems are not about the actual operating system themselves, but a lot of third-party programs. Programs that run either cloud-based, locally, on a network server or even by remote. And all of these programs have to be maintained. Maintenance schedules for PCs and Macs are nearly identical, with either daily, weekly, or monthly updates that have to be applied.

How Unpatched Mac Can Be Just as Vulnerable

Macs, on the other hand, have a single operating system maintained by a single company over the last decade, it just makes management slightly easier. What I advise people is to keep on their updates either a PC or Mac and to make absolutely sure that they don’t let them lapse. Why? We have encountered multiple times people buying a Macintosh computer, and not doing a single thing with it. When the time comes for a product update then a major update to the operating system may need to be done. Now that sounds pretty simple and kinda desirable, but not really. The reason why we do updates is to make sure exploits don’t go out into the wild and start wreaking havoc with unpatched systems.

So from a Triton standpoint, our policy is this, use what you are most comfortable with. Are you most comfortable with a Windows PC? An Apple? Chrome Book? We advise you to choose what works best for you, and we will support. We are at a wonderful time in our technological evolution where a lot of the products cross work with each other all the time. So in closing go with what works. Then contact Triton Technologies.

Managed IT Works: Especially Against Ransomware Like Petya

It’s been 6 weeks since the last global affecting ransomware attack has occurred. The last attack brought to you by WannaCry affected millions of computers and servers throughout the globe.

That attack affected an ancient exploit going all the way back to Windows XP and was stolen from the national security agency. Hackers use that exploit and penetrated systems worldwide generating tens of millions of dollars in ransom networks.

What did we learn since then? Apparently not a damn thing.

The Petya Ransomware

Lo and behold, earlier this week a new type of ransomware called Petya/Goldeneye infected millions more, but had a completely different vector: it went after the hardware as well. Older computers used a system called BIOS or basic In-N-Out system that has been around from the late 70s. Luckily, as hardware has progressed with the newer Windows additions, encrypted hardware interface technologies such as unified extensible firmware interface or UEFI requires encryption certificates in order to make changes to the system.

None of the affected hacks that have occurred in the last couple months could penetrate the newer firmware… but the older systems were extremely vulnerable.

Why do we say we have learned not a damn thing? Because we haven’t.

Update Your Systems or Get Them Managed

In March 2017, Microsoft released a patch for the latest exploit to prevent it. People didn’t listen; they didn’t patch their system; they didn’t think it would happen to them. But it did.

That is why at Triton we extremely recommend that clients go into a managed platform. Why? In our managed platform (among the other benefits), we handle all of the arduous and tenacious patching for all of your network systems. That patching has pretty much insulated our clients from any kind of hack. Are they 100%? No. But the latest round of exploits has taken hold because people have not patched or maintained their systems in a consistent way. Patching here or there doesn’t really work because you may miss some, it may not seem important to you, but in an automated patching system, a patch is going to go into your system no matter what. That is what has saved every single person under Triton Technologies management system from getting a bug.

Managed Services with Automated Patching Works

That is why we extremely recommend even the smallest business to outsource their IT technology needs, security management, backups, and everything else that has to do with your network to a managed technology company such as Triton Technologies. Will these hacks and exploits happen again? Most certainly. There is absolutely no end to what hackers and exploiters will do to get money from people who are not serious about data security. Let us help you solve that.