Business VPNs and Why You Need One

Why do we recommend a VPN when you have nothing to hide?

With the end of net neutrality, ISPs and Internet providers have now free reign to do as they please with on how you receive your data. We’ve already seen it with our commercial clients on how to access their services.

A Matter of Priority

A prime example is prioritization of the Internet providers own resources. If your Internet provider provides telephone and television services, but you use a streaming service that doesn’t utilize their services, they can send your traffic through slower pipes.

So your telephone service that is hosted online (such as PBX or VoIP) can be artificially slow down causing all kinds of distortion and connectivity problems because you don’t utilize the IP’s own phone service. We’ve seen it happen with two clients at the end of December and we are currently working with them to find an alternate Internet provider does not traffic shape third-party services.

We work with many fine local telephone and PBX providers, and they are seeing similar issues as well.

A Matter of Privacy

Where does a VPN come in? The Virtual Private Network obscures the data it which flows over the VPN connection. So internet providers cannot traffic shape and give priority to their own services. Luckily, a vast majority of firewalls and VPN routers already provide this kind of connectivity, but it needs to be set up. Services like private internet access which we recommend can give business-class speed and obscure the type of data that you’re accessing.

A Matter of Speed

Another obvious example is speed tests. Since an Internet provider can find where you’re going to receive information, they can give priority giving the impression of a faster connection when it is not. Netflix, which is a very popular TV and movie streaming entertainment provider, has found that many ISPs either slow down their connection or will charge them for priority on their network.

Most people will go to speed and run a speed test, but we have found that the results are inaccurate in order to accommodate customer service. So in response, Netflix created their own service called We have started moving to that to accurately report on a person’s Internet speed. So far we have found multiple instances of carriers changing the Internet speed to placate the client. For us this is unethical. But since the removal of net neutrality, legal.

So if you wish to get the maximum speed for your business and not be observed by our ISP of what you’re doing, we extremely recommend that you purchase a VPN router and a VPN service to obfuscate your data. Contact Triton Technologies today if you want help setting up and managing a VPN service.

Cutting the Cord in the Office: A Cellular ISP Solution

Triton technologies has expanded our cellular offerings exponentially.

A prime example is a law office in a single building in a small town in Massachusetts. Their current coaxial provider had very very poor Internet results. Truthfully they had more outage than they had internet. Multiple node issues, a modem replaced every few weeks, and their phone service. With that provider was up and down so much that they could visibly see a loss of profit.

We were asked to come up with a solution.

The Monopoly of Internet in Your Area

Now one of the secrets they don’t tell you is when you run a town you can give a monopoly to a specific provider for infrastructure. Electrical, TV, Internet, etc. It was meant to help companies provide better service without stepping on each other’s toes. The downside is, when you do not like a certain provider, you may not have the ability to get another provider.

The Cellular War

Earlier in 2017, there was a war. We nicknamed it the cellular war. Verizon started losing clients to Sprint and T-Mobile because Sprint and T-Mobile were offering unlimited data plans for all commercial and business entities. Verizon couldn’t have that; they were losing market share. Within a day of quarterly results coming out, Verizon started offering unlimited data, access point data, hotspots and more at a fixed price. That set off a price war between Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and other providers. Truthfully, Triton took advantage of that and provided all of our technicians with hotspots, tablets, cell phones and the lessons that we learned in those few short days we were able to translate into solutions for our clients.

Using a Cellular Modem

Back to the subject at hand. So if we couldn’t go wired, let’s go wireless. Contacting Sprint we were able to get an unlimited data plan, at a fixed price, static IP address, and bridgeable for our client firewalls and VPN solutions. We install the critical point cellular modem, Sophos XG firewall, and we were able to terminate entirely out the data portion of the coaxial provider’s Internet. For the last few weeks we have been able to see that the outages pretty much disappeared, and the client is enjoying a connection that is no longer bound to the physical limitations of the town in which therein. They can move anywhere they want as long as their self-service, and if the cellular advertisers are correct, that’s 98% of the country.

So if your office is physically landlocked, you need a cellular backup, or you are looking to see what options you need to do for a branch location, we have now a solid solution base that can be replicated easily for our clients. Contact Triton Technologies to learn more.

“All-in-One” ISP Services: Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen

In the last decade or so we have noticed that more and more Internet service providers are offering services such as hosting for websites, hosting for email, DNS hosting, registration and more.

We cannot emphasize enough how much we do not support this.

I’ll tell you why. As a managed IT provider. We try to be an all in one stop shop for our clients. Have you an email issue? We can solve it. Is your printer not printing? We can solve it.

ISPs Don’t Properly Support These Services

What we’re finding is that in order to attract clients, these ISPs are giving away these basic services and not knowing how they work. A prime example is a couple of clients that we’ve actually been dealing with for the last couple months. They went with their local Internet provider, who gave them their Internet of course, but also gave them email, established hosting, and attempted to set up their DNS.

This Went Poorly

It was horrible. The old provider would not release the domain and email information, the new provider could not get the DNS done right and required at least a 24-hour turnaround, and in the end, the client was so fed up, they pretty much fired everybody and we took over.

We Take Over

We took over the domain; we took over email, web hosting pretty much everything. In 3 days we solved all of their issues in which their previous provider couldn’t do in 6 months. We established their Managed DNS, managed web hosting, website monitoring and backup, office 365 hosted exchange, and basically removed 6 secondary vendors into one primary.

The client has never been happier.

When you need and require that your assets be managed continuously, professionally and securely, you need to use a managed IT provider. We can even help manage your ISP vendor to make sure your connection stays on and strong. Stop having spoiled soup and contact Triton Technologies today.

Vendor Management: The Balrog

Any business owner can attest to is dealing with multiple vendors is a business in of itself. From cellular carriers, internet providers, construction companies, telephone and more, each one has their own language and each one has their own methodology.

This situation happened, and this is why right after our client signed up for our Managed IT Services plan which included vendor management:

The Client’s Story

The client is a logistics company based in Massachusetts is part of an isolated transportation park. A few companies, but nothing massive. They are quite busy at times and this time is especially busy due to the three day memorial day weekend. So basically everybody is moving as fast as possible to get done early and go home, and that is where the trouble begins.

A truck entering the loading facility was going too fast and clipped the service pole of the facility, breaking the line for internet and telephone for the other occupants.

  • The client decided to call the ISP themselves and report that a line was “down.” Mistake 1.
  • Told them it was no big deal and to go out today please. Mistake 2.

Friday being the start of the holiday, no rush was put in and no need to rush since the facility began shutting down and so forth.

The Following Week

Tuesday comes and goes, expecting the technician, nope.

Wednesday comes and they finally call us. A lot of missteps occurred causing not only our client to be down, but other tenants. Come to find out the client conveyed that the line was down, as in a saggy line, therefor no rush. Apparently it was treated like a small issue and not an outage.

Then We Stepped In

We contacted their ISP and we were able to get a truck rolled within an hour, their lines repaired and all the tenants fully operational.

Sometimes miscommunication can easily create havoc without understanding the lingo vendors need. Vendor management might seem like a small thing, but having an IT provider who has the experience and connection in the field allows you to get the most out of your resources, from internet landlines to software suites. Avoid that broken link in your chain. Want to learn more? Drop us a line.