Security Risk: Why We Don’t Show Client Testimonials

No testimonials please.

If you have been around this website for any period of time, you’ll notice no testimonials. Why?

Testimonials are a source of pride for many but it is also a source of hacking and targets for their clients. You might be surprised to find out how much information a hacker can learn about a company through their testimonials.

Hackers Can Use Testimonials to Find Weaknesses

Every business does their own thing and does it slightly differently than the other people in the same field, IT services is no different. By analyzing what that person does and how that company does it a person could get into that client’s network and utilize their weaknesses get into their infrastructure.

So we don’t post any testimonials to our web page nor to our Facebook page. It is considered a medium risk when it comes to data security and compliance.

Once a hacker knows how the infrastructure is established and how the systems are setup that information could be used to penetrate and destroy that network.

Security Over Celebrity

In one of our previous blog posts, we posted about how a data breach at the source of an RMM service called Continuum caused havoc throughout the MSP world by giving them unfettered access to all the resources to all their MSPs.

That was bad and still continues to be bad for those affected clients.

You’ll never see a solicited post for a testimonial on our public pages. Think of us as the strong, silent type. Want to learn more? Contact us.

Why We Don’t Outsource Our Technical Support

For years, as Triton Technologies grew we were approached by many third party IT support contractors. From telephone only, to individuals we were contacted sometimes almost daily. The offers were inviting. Learn why we’ve been vindicated by our decision that we don’t source our technical support.

How We Kept It In-House

Like all things, we did the research and eventually agreed NOT to do third-party outsourced support. The research showed us that the only benefit would be for the company who provided the services, not the MSP (Managed Service Provider) and certainly not the end client. Each call the technician would have to guess at the possible problem and hopefully resolve it within a 15-minute window or be transferred to an actual MSP technician. That sounds good in theory but it never really worked out like that with people already using them.

So years ago we decided to keep it in-house. All service, support, telephone systems, monitoring agents and more have been in control and owned by Triton Technologies.

Now, outsourced IT technicians have their place, especially when you’re just starting out and need to have the resources in order to provide the service, they are excellent. Triton Technologies grew at a managed pace and it never was a major consideration.

Dodging the Bullet

In July 2016, it proved to be an excellent choice. Continuum encountered a sustained hack on their network infrastructure. All clients, end users and more were hacked and local accounts were installed across the empire.

Yes, Continuum patched the hole, but the damage was done. Violations of HIPAA, Business Associate Agreements invalidated and hundreds of thousands of end user machines and network compromised

It’s been nearly 3 months and we are continually getting calls on people existing networks being infected by their previous MSP and wanting us to take over.

Sometimes the best course of action is to keep all your cards close to your chest. If you’re looking for a Managed Service Provider who avoiding outsource our support, contact us.