The Methodology Behind IT Policy and Procedure

A lot of businesses  good or bad  sometimes just shoot from the hip. They make up ideas, policies, and methodologies to suit the immediate need.

Sounds good in theory but has very bad scalability.

Why IT Policy and Procedure is So Important

A Triton technologies we have ex-military for the majority of our administrative staff. The reason why is that we have a process and procedure for every ticket, every project, and every type of situation with policies to handle future unexpected situations. The reason why is simple and best explained with a story.

Preserving Security and Privacy

We had a client fire an employee. It happens. We received a call from the client asking to get a copy of the client list because they were going on a vacation needed to do work from remote. We have a policy that when a client’s critical infrastructure needs to be accessed, we need to contact their supervisor and/or business owner to allow for approval.

We contacted the business owner, and within seconds we were informed that person was fired because they were feeding information to their competitor. The ex-employee literally lied to us and, because of our policies and procedures, the intellectual property of the business was preserved. Though sometimes the policies might conflict with the business and their goals, it helps protect everyone involved.

That is why at Triton Technologies we emphasize the methodology when it comes to policies and procedures when handling service tickets, projects, and more. The reason why? It just works. It’s the same reason that all of our IT staff undergo rigorous background checks. Also, make sure to check out our blog on acceptable use policies to understand the policies and procedures you need in place under Massachusetts law for client data.

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We’ll Say It Again: Background Checks For IT

One of the most intense discussions we get into with clients is their background check for IT staff.

With events such as a managed IT company holding hostage a client’s data, a rogue IT person hacking into one of their client’s networks to steal customer data, and many cases over the decades of IT people being allowed to access sensitive information, you need to ask your IT person and/or company for background checks.

You Must Be Able to Trust Your IT Support

As the owner of a managed IT company, we work with many diverse clientele. From banks, government, schools, hospitals and more. We cannot just allow any IT person to join our ranks without having an extreme background check. We cannot hire a person in good faith when they literally have the keys to the kingdom’s when they were convicted of a crime in an industry they are now servicing.

Below is an exerpt from our previous blog on the subject, The Importance of a Clean Background in IT.

A Real Life Example

Why are we discussing this? As we grow, we submit proposals for clients. In some proposals we win and some proposals we lose, that’s the nature of the game. We had submitted a bid to a client and lost. It happens. About two weeks later we received an email from the company asking us to come in. We did.

What was explained to us was the company we lost against had failed its background checks for its technicians. Due to the nature of the client, the risk was too great and the contract could not continue. So we picked up where they had started and the businesses continues to be a client to this day. Due to the sensitive nature of the information all of our technicians and personnel had to be background check, which ours did with flying colors.

The next time you are looking to change companies, services, pricing and the backgrounds of your IT people should be considered when making your decision. Read more about this in our first piece on background checks, The Importance of a Clean Background in IT, and how Triton Technologies can provide only the best support. Contact us today.