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    When It Rains, Grab a Cisco Umbrella

    Over the years we have recommended to our clients that they do not use the DNS services provided by their ISP. There are multiple reasons for that.

    Maintaining Network Order and Security with Forwarders

    Since most of our clients have a server or virtual server through Amazon through best practices, we channel all DNS traffic to that server and then out again in order to maintain network order and security. In those servers, we use forwarders. With forwarders, any IP or domain name that is not authenticated locally is forwarded out. We tend to load up multiple DNS servers such as Google, level III communications, and the purpose of today’s post the Cisco Umbrella.

    Why We Recommend the Cisco Umbrella

    We recommend Cisco umbrella for many reasons. Years ago, Cisco Umbrella used to be called, and as of late Cisco acquired them, and it has become a part of their enterprise products.

    Why am I telling you this? Because it is very simple to set up for independent workstations and network servers. It provides excellent content filtering, excellent anti-malware protection, and no matter where you go, you can be protected without having to worry about if a potential virus is going to go through your DNS service and poison your cache.

    Keeping Track of Network Traffic

    With Cisco umbrella, you can tag your IP address and provide basic content filtering and anti-malware protection. This is great for small businesses that are looking to keep their employees on task, their networks protected, and provide at least some protection when it comes to DNS redirect viruses.

    That is why at Triton Technologies, we install by default Cisco Umbrella to meet these demands and provide protection. Want to learn more? Contact us today to learn about the hardware, software, and systems that can keep your business secure, regardless of how many viruses are raining down.