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Being a leader in the industry for managed IT, we are able to successfully outsource our platforms, people, and services to other providers. With outsourcing to our clients, we are now able to outsource to other providers in nearly the identical method. We offer priced fixed programs, proxy contracts, and tech support contracts for those managed service providers who are looking for just a little more to deliver to their clients. With growth comes pain. As your company begins to expand beyond the territories where you can deliver, you need a trusted partner who can deliver those services to your client, as if they were you. That is where Triton Technologies outsourced partner support comes in.

Systems Integration

At Triton technologies. We utilize 2 programs. The categories of those programs are known as a PSA and RMM. The PSA stands for professional services automation tool. The RMM stands for remote management and monitoring tool. Most managed providers have one or both of these kinds of tools. Luckily for us, we utilize an integration platform that can tie in many different types of those platforms into a single unifying force. We support such PSA’s as: ConnectWise, Auto Task, Tiger Paw, Atera, Repairshop, and more. We also support RMM tools as: LabTech, Comodo, SolarWinds, and more. Why is this important? When outsourcing to a trusted partner, the familiarity of your current tools can be transferred into our platform and we can utilize your system back and forth. Tickets can be created on both sides, configurations, passwords and more can be transferred safely and securely between each other without loss of data.

Outsourcing to Triton Technologies Support Partner, you’ll receive these benefits:

  • full integration into existing MSP platforms.
  • On-demand worldwide technical support.
  • Multilingual technicians.
  • Experienced and industry hardened tech support individuals.
  • Customized branding from clothing, portals and on-site support staff.

It does not matter if you’re managed services company has barely started or is an industry veteran, we can help you. Our staff, platform, and integration with existing platforms makes us the obvious choice for your outsourced partner support. Simple technical support or full-blown infrastructure management, we can handle it all. If you are acquiring a new client and need on-site evaluation that meets your minimum compliance, we can provide those services for your company. Conversion of your current configurations, workflows, steps, and paths can be integrated into our system as well. Our technicians become your technicians at every step of the way. Do you handle residential support? Through our partnerships, we can provide individual home support, condo associations, campgrounds, hotels and more for residential services.

With our 24 hour support and 365-day availability, we are just a simple phone call away.

Let your business soar, contact us to get your rocket.