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As a leader in the IT industry, Triton Technologies has been providing high-level outsourced it services throughout the northeast United States for over a decade and a half. Our outsourcing services have helped expand our client’s IT capabilities as needed with exceptional service and support. In addition, Triton is offering fixed-price support programs that keep your IT spending under control and deliver proactive network monitoring and support.

The environmental and social challenges the world is facing today require creativity and collaboration to overcome. Information technology (IT) plays a key role in addressing many of the challenges this generation is confronted with. At Triton, we enable people to tackle these issues with the innovative use of the IT services we outsourced to businesses.

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Here at Triton, we maximize the value of the IT investments by building a resilient information infrastructure that requires skilled technical professionals to transform products into IT solutions that address any business challenge.

One of the many things Triton implements as a vital stage for building a relationship with its clients is the IT Service membership packages. These packages are delivered to the customer by 3 layers and depending on the necessity of each client’s industry, the client can choose the right level that fits their business.

Building trustworthy relationships throughout the membership process between Triton and every client was one the greatest innovations Triton brought from the start.

Outsourced IT from Triton Technologies Include:

  • The maximized efficiency of clients IT needs.
  • Reduced risk and minimal system downtime during data and system migration.
  • Minimized impact to service levels during upgrades.
  • Manage your information infrastructure through cost-effective, 24×7 intelligent remote monitoring and management based on defined service level objectives.
  • Cost-effective, yet excellent IT service delivery and support

Whether an organization needs immediate help or is seeking an affordable and dependable IT company, Triton ranks as # 1 choice in technological support. With the experienced technical staff, certified technical support, consultants, and engineers, Triton has the resources and expertise to overcome any IT challenge that may occur — quickly and efficiently.

Just because Triton Technologies provides outsourced IT services, does not mean we don’t visit you at your business. Our on-site services put a team of experts at your business when needed, guaranteed to arrive within 4 hours of the service call is placed. 24×7 Help Desk Services with High-quality remote support— every hour of every day when needed, Triton is a phone call away.


Let your business soar, contact us to get your rocket.