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    Manufacturing IT

    IT services and support to improve operations and efficiency.

    Triton Technologies Managed Services has successfully applied its IT expertise and experience to manufacturing companies for over 20 years and consistently improved IT performance and at the same time lowered IT capital and operating costs. Connectivity to your production line, ERP system, Materials Requirements Planning system, and your suppliers means you need to be up and running at peak performance levels at all times.


    Document collaboration, video conferencing and mobile devices are making IT security surface as a critical business problem. Working with a managed IT provider gives you the full suite of IT tools and security you need, all within a flat-rate budget.

    Building Better IT Infrastructure

    Managed IT provides a complete suite of IT capabilities and systems for a fixed monthly price. We serve as a trusted advisor to its clients offering value, innovation, assurance, and integrity in every customer interaction. It’s time to make your IT infrastructure as strong as every other part of your business.

    Faster IT Solutions

    An IT infrastructure designed to diagnose and remediate problems quickly and efficiently.

    IT Infrastructure Scaling

    An IT infrastructure designed for reliability with the ability to quickly scale.

    Better ROI

    IT infrastructure continuously measured against specified service and performance levels.

    Legacy Support

    Experienced team to seamlessly integrate new IT infrastructure with legacy systems.

    Training and Procedures

    A core focus of improving IT operations processes including IT staff training.


    Better IT Security

    Established practices in using infrastructure security management services.

    Always Up to Date

    A team experienced in IT infrastructure patching, upgrades, and migrations.

    ITSM Framework

    Advanced IT Service Management to manage IT infrastructure environments.

    Always Improving

    A team continually improving IT infrastructure design and increasing IT value.

    Is Managed IT a good fit for your manufacturing company?

    • Is the growth of your data increasing, and your IT infrastructure cannot keep up?

    • Are legacy systems becoming obsolete and harder to support?

    • Is it harder to find skilled IT professionals?

    • Are the number of sites, devices, systems and population you support increasing?

    • As everything is expanding, is your ability to manage risk, security, and compliance also growing?

    • Do you need to move from a capital to an operating expense model?

    • Is your existing IT infrastructure fragmented and becoming more complex to manage and monitor?

    • Is maintenance more burdensome and licensing, and support contracts becoming problems?

    If you accept that data is critical and that the management of that data is equally important, then you want to establish a relationship with a provider like Triton Technologies that will be a partner with you and not a faceless vendor who just sells commodity solutions.

    Information Technology Services we provide our manufacturing clients include:


    Gain years of expertise in a single meeting by discussing your IT plans and needs with our Professional Services Team. A Managed Services provider like Triton Technologies can give you perspectives no single vendor will tell you. We know as we work with most of them. We are technology and vendor agnostic and look to provide you the best possible cost-effective solution for your specific operating environment. Click here to learn more.

    Cloud Hosting

    Continuing to support an IT infrastructure is now conceded to be a poor utilization of business resources for healthcare providers. Our healthcare clients have seen a significant reduction in IT-related operational and capital expenses. Reacquire your focus on patient care and elevate service levels for your health care staff by outsourcing your Information Technology activities. We’re a Partner with Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud services and can provide unique Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud hosting solutions. Click here to learn more.

    Remote Infrastructure Monitoring and Management

    We have invested over $1 million in proactive monitoring and management tools that can diagnose the status of all your devices, networks and backup capabilities. We use our extensive selection of IT management tools to notify you and resolve problems. We also act as a “single source” that can own all of your problems and manage your vendors to a satisfactory resolution of an incident. Experienced staff using our advanced IT toolsets will get quicker results, lowering your maintenance costs and reducing the impact of network/server outages.

    Backup and Disaster Recovery

    We can evaluate your networking and storage alternatives and deliver your legal organization a comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery plan. We will not only consider backup solutions (relatively easy) but timely recovery solutions (much more difficult). From simple file recovery to site-level recovery, we outline a list of deployment, cloud storage and operational services working with the vendors you choose or use our facilities. Click here to learn more.

    24/7 Helpdesk and Services Support

    This is where it all comes together. Our U.S. based Help Desk is staffed by a team of IT professionals that have attained some of the highest first level resolution (FLR) rates in the industry. Have your talented IT team focus on supporting your field agents and customers, and not “basic” Help Desk” activities. Click here to learn more.

    Triton Technologies

    Make sure you’re meeting the IT needs and compliance demands. Contact us today.