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Managed Backup Solutions
by Triton Technologies

If disaster strikes, is your business ready?

No matter what obstacles come your way, Triton Technologies can always find a way to overcome them! Even in the face of hardware failures, cyberattacks, or natural disasters, we can keep your businesses safe and thriving.

Our business backup and disaster recovery services are the key to protecting everything you’ve worked so hard to build. By reviewing your current backup setup and creating custom solutions like robust and resilient hosting, managed online backups, and business continuity planning, we are with you every step of the way.

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Managed BackUp as a Service

With Triton’s suite of options, you can rest easy knowing that your business’s critical data is always secure. Our online, cloud-based backups can get you back up and operational within minutes – no matter the issue! Say goodbye to the stress and frustration of lost files and prevent downtime.


Our Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) equipment automatically backs up your data and stores it in an offsite cloud. Not only does the cloud maintain data that are up-to-date, but it also ensures uninterrupted access, even in the event of a major emergency or disaster. 


We understand the importance of your business data, and that’s why Triton’s suite of options is here to provide you with reliable backup solutions. Say goodbye to the fear of lost files and downtime, and hello to peace of mind. With our Backup and Disaster Recovery equipment, you can trust that your data is always secure and accessible. Don’t let a disaster bring your business down, choose Triton for reliable backup solutions.

Triton Technologies' Data Backup and Recovery Service

You have the power to ensure that your business is always prepared for the unexpected. A crucial part of this is having a robust IT system that can adapt to any situation, whether it’s an emergency or a sudden change in the market. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to consider all the IT facets of their disaster response plan, leading to lost opportunities and costly setbacks. But that doesn’t have to be your fate. Triton is here to help you integrate all your IT infrastructure and ensure that you stay ahead of the game. By working with us, you can take advantage of our expert knowledge and leading-edge technology to help your business thrive no matter what comes your way. Don’t let unforeseen events derail your success. Work with Triton and be ready for anything.

Other Managed IT Services We Offer

IT support with managed services, 24/7 monitoring and maintenance.

Get the technology you need to succeed, including hardware-as-a-service.

Keep your site and data secure with managed hosting, DNS and SSL.

Strengthen your defenses with our Managed Backup Solutions.

The best cybersecurity services to safeguard your business.

Guaranteed high uptime and streamlined vendor communication.

Think of these two systems as an insurance policy on your business data. Prices vary depending on how much data you need to backup, whether it’s backing up onsite or offsite, or if you need a stand-in server in the event of failure. That’s why Triton Technologies offers a no-cost, no-obligation consultation to assess the needs of your business and present the best data backup solution for you.

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