Quick, complete, and robust installations of wireless access for your business.

Few technologies are as widespread in our daily lives as wireless networks (Wi-Fi). At home or the office, we take for granted the ability for our devices to connect to wireless access points. From phones to laptops to networked computers, wireless’s ubiquity is only matched by its vulnerability. Our skilled vendors work with top-of-line vendors to solve the challenges and risks in security, stability and performance. We can mitigate these issues and get the best performance out of your wireless networks.

Why You Need Professional Wireless Installation for Your Business

Triton Technologies will help deploy new wireless network systems or to identify and eliminate issues with existing implementations. Don’t know the difference between 802.11G and 802.11AC? Need a secure public wireless network solution for a customer-facing common area? We’d be happy to help. Need to know the optimal placement for an access point? We can help with that, too.

Did You Know…

  • Wireless networks are prone to interference from anything from cordless phones, microwaves, cell phones and cordless phones to walls, furniture, windows, mirrors and pipes?
  • To get the most out of your wireless networks, you need optimal placement with minimal interference and a specific configuration to suit the environment?
  • Wireless-N (802.11N) gets the best range and speed when using AES encryption?
  • Popular “Easy-Setup” wireless routers can be breached in mere seconds?
The Ubiquiti Networks logo.

Vendor Highlight: Ubiquiti

Technologies has partnered with Ubiquiti in order to provide advanced network features and performance to SMBs while avoiding overpriced hardware and licensing costs. Small businesses shouldn’t have to spend $300 an hour for a CCNA-certified technician every time the network needs to be adjusted. Their signature design, easy deployment, high-stability and low-maintenance make them the ideal candidate to recommend for our discerning clients.

Ubiquiti Features

  1. No licensing costs. You bought it, you own it and can operate it until you replace it.
  2. Easy to install. Industry-standard design, compact design and easy to install hardware kits.
  3. Cloud manageable. Just log in to a single website and access thousands of sites at the click of a mouse.
  4. Low cost. Access points are easily under a $100 price point.
  5. Accessories. Hundreds of easy to access accessory devices such as external mounts, antennas and more.
  6. Simple technology. The interface is clean: no fluff, no ads. Just easy-to-read and understand menus and interface.

With hundreds of installations of single access point or thousands of units throughout New England, we recommend the Ubiquiti line of wireless technology.

Support for Your Industry

Many businesses survive and thrive due to the strength and reliability of their wireless networks for both staff and customers. From a core part of your services to a much-needed luxury, the convenience, strength, and security of your wireless network can make or break possible sales and stays.


Get Better Wireless from Triton

Regardless of the state of your current wireless networks, from non-existent to problematic, we can help. We’ll survey your building to lay out the design and infrastructure for the best coverage, purchase, install, and configure all hardware, and and then provide support for your wireless networks.

Ready for better a better wireless network? Let’s get started today.