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    Cutting the Cord in the Office: A Cellular ISP Solution

    Triton technologies has expanded our cellular offerings exponentially.

    A prime example is a law office in a single building in a small town in Massachusetts. Their current coaxial provider had very very poor Internet results. Truthfully they had more outage than they had internet. Multiple node issues, a modem replaced every few weeks, and their phone service. With that provider was up and down so much that they could visibly see a loss of profit.

    We were asked to come up with a solution.

    The Monopoly of Internet in Your Area

    Now one of the secrets they don’t tell you is when you run a town you can give a monopoly to a specific provider for infrastructure. Electrical, TV, Internet, etc. It was meant to help companies provide better service without stepping on each other’s toes. The downside is, when you do not like a certain provider, you may not have the ability to get another provider.

    The Cellular War

    Earlier in 2017, there was a war. We nicknamed it the cellular war. Verizon started losing clients to Sprint and T-Mobile because Sprint and T-Mobile were offering unlimited data plans for all commercial and business entities. Verizon couldn’t have that; they were losing market share. Within a day of quarterly results coming out, Verizon started offering unlimited data, access point data, hotspots and more at a fixed price. That set off a price war between Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and other providers. Truthfully, Triton took advantage of that and provided all of our technicians with hotspots, tablets, cell phones and the lessons that we learned in those few short days we were able to translate into solutions for our clients.

    Using a Cellular Modem

    Back to the subject at hand. So if we couldn’t go wired, let’s go wireless. Contacting Sprint we were able to get an unlimited data plan, at a fixed price, static IP address, and bridgeable for our client firewalls and VPN solutions. We install the critical point cellular modem, Sophos XG firewall, and we were able to terminate entirely out the data portion of the coaxial provider’s Internet. For the last few weeks we have been able to see that the outages pretty much disappeared, and the client is enjoying a connection that is no longer bound to the physical limitations of the town in which therein. They can move anywhere they want as long as their self-service, and if the cellular advertisers are correct, that’s 98% of the country.

    So if your office is physically landlocked, you need a cellular backup, or you are looking to see what options you need to do for a branch location, we have now a solid solution base that can be replicated easily for our clients. Contact Triton Technologies to learn more.