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    As you are surely aware, working from home (WFH) has been the primary way that white collar, office-based jobs are being handled during stay-at-home rules. As everything began to shut down with the virus, WFH--what used to be called “telecommuting,” became the only safe option for work to be conducted. For companies that had already been utilizing WFH policies, they probably...

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    A lot of SMBs opt for managed service providers who can help handle their IT requirements, and for the most part, it works well. Almost everyone knows the benefits of having a MSP manage your IT. Increased cost savings, ability to focus on your business without worrying about IT, better IT support and expertise, and so on. But, there are...

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    How will you support the extended IT infrastructure needed as you roll out WFH activities? Traditionally, your IT infrastructure would be supported by in-house IT staff, a managed service provider, or some combination of both, but a lot can fall through the cracks when shifting virtual. As an example, PBX generally exists as a standalone entity, unrelated to the rest of your technology and unmanaged by staff. How do you take it with you to remote work, and should you even try? We provide three reasons to dump your PBX once and for all.


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    What is VoIP? Voice over Internet Protocol takes us away from the traditional office PBX, the on-location physical equipment that provides voice telephony using physical wires or fiber to transmit analog signals. PBX technology allows for some audio conferencing (though it can be a bit clumsy to set up) as well as voicemail, call forwarding, and some other call sorting features. However, a PBX has some severe limitations on available collaboration features and requires a trained technician to configure any changes. Even moving someone to a new office requires expensive and technical labor to move the extension to a different physical location.

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    So, what do you get with VoIP (Voice over IP) technology that you can’t get from a PBX (Private Branch Exchange)? Quite a bit, but we will just focus on the productivity aspect of VoIP – ways to turn your office phones into better and more flexible tools to make the lives of your employees and clients easier and more...

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