Sophos, AT&T and Peplink: Just in Time for the Holidays

As many know, Triton Technologies is a Sophos partner, and we are very happy to be one. From the firewalls, endpoint encryption, and more, we found the Sophos firewall to be the best solution for currently all of our clients’ problems.

Ransomware Insurance is Fueling Ransomware

Why cyber insurance is keeping the ransomware industry in business. As all good managed IT companies and manage security providers do, we are in constant training. From daily check-ins, weekly trainings and monthly seminars, we are kept apprised of the latest trends, threats and how to mitigate them. For us, it has worked incredibly well for many years. But a new threat has arisen that we didn’t expect: ransomware insurance from insurance industry.

roomMaster from innQuest Ends Windows 7 Support

roomMaster is stopping all support for Windows 7 Windows 7 officially sunsets on January 14, 2020. We have known this for quite some time and have written about it previously. We have instilled in as many clients as possible the urgency to upgrade. We know some of you do not want to upgrade because of the cost, inconvenience, or the desire to keep things as they were. We understand that the hospitality industry is very cutthroat, very razor margins, and when one of your competitors has better service than what you can provide, your clients will go across the street.

New Managed Software Service: Custom Machine Images

Custom images are now available. Over the last couple of years, we have been improving our own internal infrastructure. With that comes great advantages to our clients. One such advantage is custom machine images. What am I talking about?

Cloud, Cloud, Cloud: Why Infrastructure is Going Virtual

An increasing trend in our client infrastructure sales as costs plunge. We’ve said it before and will say it again: everything is going in the cloud. Servers, workstations, environments, virtual private networks are all heading into the cloud. It is very rare for us right now to sell an actual physical computer. With the very low cost of cloud-based servers, proliferation and legal requirements for firewalls, and the ability to purchase what you need and not what you want makes the cloud an extremely cheap investment.

Windows 10: Nothing Like a Last-Minute Upgrade

Get the hardware needed to upgrade to Windows 10 before it’s too late. The retirement of Windows 7 is going full bore this January 2020. Microsoft has advised multiple times to upgrade to Windows 10. Here at Triton, we have advised clients multiple times to go to Windows 10 as well, and some of you have taken us up and have begun the migration process, and we applaud you for that.

Stop Using Internet Explorer Immediately

The Internet Explorer vulnerability (CVE-2019-1367) is a critical zero-day bug. I mean now, right now, uninstall it – every version of Internet Explorer needs to be removed. On Monday, September 23, Microsoft made an announcement and immediately deployed out-of-band updates for Internet Explorer. This update prevents a script from executing without any interaction by the user. A simple visit to a website can compromise your computer.

It’s War: How MSPs are Being Targeted

It’s been some time since I made a post, but it needs to be made. There is a war going on. Let me backtrack a bit. At Triton Technologies, we are the gatekeepers, the guardians at the gate, the Heimdall to the kingdoms of our clients. We control all the keys, passwords, access, controls, etc. We are entrusted to protect and defend our client’s networks as their managed service provider (MSP) under contract. Someone has taken notice.

Website Security: Not all SSL Certificates are Created Equal

For years, people have trusted the SSL certificate green lock on their Google, Firefox, Internet Explorer, edge browser for safety and security. I hate to break it to you, but SSL certificates are broke.

Network Firewall Security: Stop Port Forwarding

As a Massachusetts-based company, and as a managed IT provider, we look out for our clients’ best interests all the time. By giving them the best firewall, antivirus, defenses, and technology, we make sure their networks are safely secured and keeping their intellectual property in their control. It’s all part of our managed IT support. However, we can only keep secure what our clients don’t open up intentionally. Hence this blog and its straightforward plea.