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Billing Schedule and Practices


Automated Services:

Calendar Month:

First week of the Month: Charges for all accounts are collected and processed from previous month. Charged for automated payments are applied to our online and account system. Invoices with payments applied are sent out.
Second to Third Week: Issues are resolved with previous months payments.
Fourth Week: Notification of account suspension for non payments. Accounts are suspended and or terminated.


On Demand Services:


Friday All services, on demand, on call tickets are closed and or put in a project. Previous weeks invoicing is charged according to payment method for clients.
Monday Invoices are sent out electronically. Previous weeks payments are applied to outstanding invoices.
Tuesday Invoices with payments applied are sent by email.
Wednesday to Friday Issues are resolved with invoicing and payments.


Triton Technologies Services are based on the following time allocations for the type of services rendered:


Telephone Support (M-F 8×5):

60 minutes minimum


Telephone Support (Weekends and Nights):

60 minutes minimum


Remote Support (M-F 8×5):

60 minutes minimum


Remote Support (Weekends and Nights):

60 minutes minimum


On-Site Support (M-F 8×5):

1-hour minimum


On-Site Support  (Weekends and Nights):

2-hour minimum and after hour rates apply


Travel Time: 

Inside Worcester County: Free

Outside Worcester County: 60 minutes on-site service time plus tolls.



Please note:Please check all your invoices for validity and accuracy. After 5 days we will presume there are no errors with your invoice and proceed with any collections, payments or service adjustments.


If you have an issue with your invoice, please email [email protected] or call 866-304-4300 and you can discuss your issue with one of out team members in accounting.


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