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    Managed Services

    Backup and Recovery

    If disaster strikes, is your business ready?

    From hardware failures to cyberattacks to natural disasters, businesses can lose everything if they don’t have a backup.


    Triton provides business backup and disaster recovery
    services to review your current backup setup and provides custom solutions, including new more robust and resilient hosting, managed online backups, and business continuity planning.

    it support companies in worcester

    Managed Online Backup (BDR)

    Triton has a suite of options to provide online, cloud-based backups for your business’s critical data, from selected data to full server images. We can get you back up and operational within minutes. No matter the issue, your data will always be recovered. Prevent downtime and the cost it takes to reproduce any lost files. 

    Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) equipment automatically backs up your data and stores it in an offsite cloud. Not only does the cloud maintain data that are up-to-date, but it also makes that data accessible at all times, even in the event of a major emergency or disaster.

    Business Continuity Planning

    Business continuity includes all aspects of your IT system, which allows you to maintain operations, respond to changes and manage projects in any situation. While an important aspect of business continuity includes disaster response and emergency control, there are many other facets – especially IT – that are overlooked and subsequently lost.


    Don’t let this happen to you. Work with Triton to integrate all your IT infrastructure into your business’s emergency response, combined with managed online backups and backup and disaster recovery systems.

    Think of these two systems as an insurance policy on your business data. Prices vary depending on how much data you need to backup, whether it’s backing up onsite or offsite, or if you need a stand-in server in the event of failure. That’s why Triton Technologies offers a no-cost, no-obligation consultation to assess the needs of your business and present the best data backup solution for you.

    Triton Technologies

    Make sure you're meeting the IT needs and compliance demands.