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    roomMaster from innQuest Ends Windows 7 Support

    roomMaster is stopping all support for Windows 7

    Windows 7 officially sunsets on January 14, 2020. We have known this for quite some time and have written about it previously. We have instilled in as many clients as possible the urgency to upgrade. We know some of you do not want to upgrade because of the cost, inconvenience, or the desire to keep things as they were.

    We understand that the hospitality industry is very cutthroat, very razor margins, and when one of your competitors has better service than what you can provide, your clients will go across the street.

    innQuest to No Longer Support Windows 7

    As advised to us – and expected by us – innQuest software has announced that on January 14, 2020 they will no longer support Windows 7. This means come January 14 when an innQuest software update is presented, it has a high probability of not working with older Windows 7 machines. As advised to us by the representatives of roomMaster, if they are connected to a machine that is running Windows 7, they will not service it.

    That means when a Windows update occurs, which will stop under Windows 7, and ISP updates the methodology for DNS, or when the room master server is updated, it has a high probability of breaking your workstation.

    Not Updating to Windows 10 Will Hurt Your Systems

    We have seen this before with Windows XP. Surprisingly we still see Windows XP machines from time to time. When the Windows XP retirement happened in 2013, there not a lot of fanfare, but very shortly we found out that a vast majority of manufacturers out there and service providers to stop supporting it. Program stop loading, errors start happening, data corruption and eventually hardware failure. Since we could not get any hardware that was Windows XP compatible is almost always a rush to replace in order to get back up.

    You May Need to Upgrade Your Hardware – Do It Now

    On top of that, Windows 10 minimum CPU requirements are placing a lot of the point-of-sale machines into the garbage. Also with recent Windows 10 updates, if the hardware was never designed nor supported to run Windows 10, installing it or upgrading it on an existing workstation will be nearly impossible. We have tried in the past, and so far it has not worked out.

    roomMaster is a fine and widely accepted product that a majority of our hospitality clients use all over the United States without issue. But just like any software vendor and manufacturer they have minimum requirements, so we’re informing our hospitality clients from hotels, motels and combinations thereof to immediately start upgrading. Christmas is coming, and we are already experiencing shortfalls in stock. As much as we would like to have thousands of computers at our instant disposal for immediate delivery, we are not that large.

    To our current hospitality clients: please contact us for further information and about upgrading your current workstations. To new hotels, resorts, and other users of roomMaster and innQuest systems looking for the best solution to this problem: we can help. Look at our full range of hospitality services and then reach out to us for a consultation.