It’s War: How MSPs are Being Targeted

Shield icon on digital blue realistic radar with targets on monitor in searching background.

It’s been some time since I made a post, but it needs to be made.

There is a war going on.

Let me backtrack a bit. At Triton Technologies, we are the gatekeepers, the guardians at the gate, the Heimdall to the kingdoms of our clients. We control all the keys, passwords, access, controls, etc. We are entrusted to protect and defend our client’s networks as their managed service provider (MSP) under contract.

Someone has taken notice.

The Systematic Targeting of MSPs

In the last couple of months, a lot of MPS’s have been under attack. A lot of them. Eight in a single day. We are being systematically targeted by agents and foreign companies because of our exclusive access to our clients’ networks. Since we can access everything, they want access to our root servers, which provide command control.

How Triton Continues to Stand

Unlike those competitors who have fallen, we have been proactive for years. Since the beginning, Triton has been accused of being paranoid, over the top, outrageous about security, and even chastised for it. We take it all with great pride.

We have never had a client with a malware infection, ransomware, or a hijacking. Due to our security products, technology and policies, we have locked down our clients’ networks like never before, all for their benefit. With the addition of Cisco Duo MFA, BitLocker Manager from Sophos, and cloud Sophos Central, we have thwarted an average of two dozen attacks a day. Yes, a day. Including on Cloudflare and its approaches thousands of times.

Make no mistake: we are now the hunted because we were the watchful guards. Policies, procedures, and a bit of luck mean we have not been targeted, and neither has our clients.

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