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    Multiple Antivirus: Why More Isn’t Better

    When you were younger, you’re taught that more is always better. So, if you have more layers of protection, you can defend your computers better. Right?

    The System Impact of Multiple Antivirus

    That is not exactly true when it comes to antivirus. The reason why is that we are encountering a lot of people that install multiple antivirus packages on their machines. Sounds good in theory but what they do not know is that antivirus does not play well with each other. We are finding a lot of people installing the antivirus by their ISP and utilizing their current antivirus product as well. Next thing you know the computer is slow, locking up or the network is completely unresponsive. This is a disaster. It is best to select one antivirus platform and give it all the resources it needs to do its job.

    The Same Issue with Anti-Malware

    The other thing that we are seeing is a lot of people make the mistake of installing multiple anti-malware utilities as well. A good antivirus and anti-malware utility is all that is needed. A lot of people install 5 to 6 different anti-malware utilities in order to protect themselves, but this trust is misplaced.

    Armor Up Your Network the Right Way

    A good firewall, a good content filter, and good DNS service mitigate any need for any type of multiple antivirus and anti-malware products. What I mean is this, you should never give all of your trust into a single point of failure. Armor up your firewall, armor up your Internet connection, get a VPN when appropriate and keep a clean nose when it comes to updates and patches. Do them on a weekly basis to prevent 0 day Trojans and infections.

    Great protection for your computer network requires having the right systems in place. Let Triton Technologies help get you there. Contact us today, and we’ll help you get the security you need without impacting computer and network performance.