Interconnected IT: Welcome to the Matrix

We had the pleasure of working with a new client this week with very unique requirements.

Client Needs: High Speed, Mobile Internet

Basically, they needed long-range communication with high-speed Internet and over 50 locations that were all mobile. It was a livery company that transported medical patients all throughout New England. Within their vehicles they needed Internet, tracking, communications, and up to date information for their patients and potential cargo.

Special IT Solutions to Special IT Problems

Other IT companies wouldn’t touch it with a 10 m cattle prod. We took the challenge.

We reached out to our valued partners and posed this solution to them. They were fantastic and were able to get us a platform which was able to give them everything they wanted, the price that they wanted to pay and the ability to deploy it easily and simply.

Welcome to the Matrix

In our conversations with our partners about communications, that exact line, “Welcome to the matrix” was used. The reason why? Everything is now becoming interconnected. From video surveillance, GPS tracking, communications, email, maintenance, and more are all becoming Internet and/or IP-based. Wi-Fi walkie-talkies that have national coverage, surveillance systems from the other side the planet and in-vehicle Wi-Fi are all now cloud-based. It’s the matrix.

We were able to bring them on board as a client and able to solve their long-term issues. We are very proud of that project. Do you have special IT needs to help your company grow and modernize? Contact Triton Technologies and we’ll help you enter the matrix.

IT Support Bids: If It’s Too Good to Be True…

It probably is.

When IT Support Over-Promises

What I am talking about is over promise and under deliver. Over the years we have dealt with many clients and potential clients when it comes to IT support. In the bidding/quoting process we have competition just like any other business. What we have come across are those who promise the world and deliver Pluto. If you know anything about Pluto, it’s no longer a planet.

With over a decade and a half of experience including servers, networks, infrastructure, and constantly reading up and getting trained on the latest methodologies in IT infrastructure, we quote what works.

Story: Low IT Support Bids

About seven months ago we were asked to quote a network replacement server, switches, and email. We were asked multiple times to adjust the quote to make it cheaper, and we did not budge because we knew that the product worked and was going to work exactly as we expected.

We did not win.

The Client’s Call: Server Issues

About a month ago we got a call from the same client asking us to come in and fix issues with their new server. Upon investigation, we found out that the server was indeed cheaper than what we had quoted, but it was greatly underpowered. Come to find out we are only a few hundred dollars less than the competition, but those few hundred dollars turned into thousands of dollars just trying to get the network up to speed after we were done.

Not all IT is the same. Some may consider break-fix to be the industry standard while those in the managed IT field know it is not. Paying a little extra for good quality hardware solves a lot of problems in the long and short-term. You can avoid all sorts of issues by going to the just the next level up for what you believe is good hardware. Contact us to learn about the Triton difference.

Cloud-Based Servers and Natural Disasters

It’s been a bad few weeks for businesses dealing with natural disasters.

Hurricane after hurricane rolled through many of our vendor’s facilities. Many of them were shut down, and tech-support was suspended while they got power and their services back up and running. Why is this important to this blog, even though we are based in the North East, and it hasn’t really affected us? Because it has and has not.

Moving to the Cloud, Last Minute

We work with companies throughout the United States. Many of our vendors took the proactive action of already having a vast majority of their services on multiple cloud-based data centers throughout the United States and the world. Their services never went down. Phones, email, monitoring services, Wi-Fi access management platforms, etc. were already cloud-based. A few were not. Those companies had to mad scramble to get their infrastructure which was hosted in-house onto a cloud-based platform. Over a period of a week, 2 of our vendors moved their entire enterprise to the cloud in order to service our account. In the event of a natural disaster.

Be Proactive Instead of Reactive

Well, you might say, that’s good! No, it is not because they were not proactive in their disaster plan. They had the foresight to see it coming, but there are many disasters that you cannot predict. Some of them are fire, flood, and more. What we are recommending to our clients that have in-house servers and in-house network infrastructure is to hybrid their network to a cloud. With many cloud platforms and a vast majority of our clients already running enterprise-grade firewalls, we recommend a hybrid cloud system that replicates their on-premise system.

Technology Makes It Easy to Backup to the Cloud.

Luckily for us, Microsoft makes it extremely easy to replicate their infrastructure to the cloud from any number of providers. With services such as DFS, NFS, and active directory share replication. It allows all the files to be instantly copied and accessed to a cloud-based server. In the event of a disaster where the facility is destroyed, the email, security, and infrastructure still remain in place and can be replicated elsewhere. Businesses that lose of this data tend to go out of business within a few years because they’re not able to recover their intellectual property. With cloud-based servers, it is always available.

Want to learn more? Contact Triton Technologies today to learn more about your cloud-based options, and what your company needs to do.

We’ll Say It Again: Background Checks For IT

One of the most intense discussions we get into with clients is their background check for IT staff.

With events such as a managed IT company holding hostage a client’s data, a rogue IT person hacking into one of their client’s networks to steal customer data, and many cases over the decades of IT people being allowed to access sensitive information, you need to ask your IT person and/or company for background checks.

You Must Be Able to Trust Your IT Support

As the owner of a managed IT company, we work with many diverse clientele. From banks, government, schools, hospitals and more. We cannot just allow any IT person to join our ranks without having an extreme background check. We cannot hire a person in good faith when they literally have the keys to the kingdom’s when they were convicted of a crime in an industry they are now servicing.

Below is an exerpt from our previous blog on the subject, The Importance of a Clean Background in IT.

A Real Life Example

Why are we discussing this? As we grow, we submit proposals for clients. In some proposals we win and some proposals we lose, that’s the nature of the game. We had submitted a bid to a client and lost. It happens. About two weeks later we received an email from the company asking us to come in. We did.

What was explained to us was the company we lost against had failed its background checks for its technicians. Due to the nature of the client, the risk was too great and the contract could not continue. So we picked up where they had started and the businesses continues to be a client to this day. Due to the sensitive nature of the information all of our technicians and personnel had to be background check, which ours did with flying colors.

The next time you are looking to change companies, services, pricing and the backgrounds of your IT people should be considered when making your decision. Read more about this in our first piece on background checks, The Importance of a Clean Background in IT, and how Triton Technologies can provide only the best support. Contact us today.